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8 Estoril Circuit Portugal 2012 MotoGP
4 Motegi Japan 2011 MotoGP
41 Jerez Spain 2002 MotoGP
22 Sepang Circuit Malaysia 2003 MotoGP
12 Catalunya 2003 MotoGP
11 Motegi Pacific 2002 MotoGP
44 Brno Czech Republic 2002 MotoGP
6 Brno Czech Republic 2003 MotoGP
7 Valencia 2012 MotoGP
6 Valencia 2012 MotoGP
5 Valencia 2012 MotoGP
4 Valencia 2012 MotoGP
3 Valencia 2012 MotoGP
2 Valencia 2012 MotoGP
1 Valencia 2012 MotoGP
10 Valencia 2012 MotoGP
9 Valencia 2012 MotoGP
8 Valencia 2012 MotoGP
12 Valencia 2012 MotoGP
11 Valencia 2012 MotoGP
10 Phillip Island Australia 2012 MotoGP
9 Phillip Island Australia 2012 MotoGP
8 Phillip Island Australia 2012 MotoGP
7 Phillip Island Australia 2012 MotoGP

Soup :: Ryder Notes: What To Do? :: 03 24 2014

What to make of that then? Well, like I wrote the other day there was no surprise that two Spaniards made it to the rostrum and even less surprise that, broken leg or no, Marc Marquez came out on top. The surprise was that he had to fight tooth and nail with none other than Valentino Rossi to...

Published on March 26 2014, 13:41
Source: www.superbikeplanet.com

Ryder Notes: Time To Fly-Away by staff Sunday, October 26, 2014 You wouldn't have thought you could have a race like that on motorcycles like that in 95 degrees of heat, track temperatures of 130 degrees, and the sort of humidity that means you need a change of clothing after walking from rental... 

Ryder Notes: Royale with Cheese by julian ryder on the ground in where they put mayo on fries Friday, June 24, 2016 Back in Barcelona I was a little puzzled as to why young riders were shunning the prospect of a Tech 3 Yamaha M-1 for a factory bike of any description, even one that had yet to... 

Ryder Notes: OCD by julian ryder, on the ground in the UK Tuesday, April 15, 2014 Quite a few people didn't believe their eyes. Aleix Espargaro for one; he forgot to start. Valentino Rossi for another; he was confused. And Marc Marquez; he thought he'd been beaten off the line again. The cause... 

Ryder Notes: Rossi At 250 by julian ryder, on the ground in oz Sunday, October 19, 2014 Where to start with that one! There's a lot of choice: Valentino Rossi won his 250th race in the premier class by using all that accumulated experience; it was his first win at Phillip Island since 2005.... 

Ryder Notes: The Blue Man by julian ryder on the ground in Reino de Espana Friday, June 12, 2015 We're at that stage of the season where we know the plot. Valentino's qualifying problems are going to see his championship lead eroded rapidly, the Honda engine is too aggressive for Marquez to ride... 

Ryder Notes: Burning Jerez by julian ryder, on the ground in spain Friday, May 02, 2014 Jerez is ablaze. Well it's not quite that hot but the place is a hotbed of speculation and rumour. First there is the matter of Colin Edwards and his place within the Forward racing team. Colin says he's... 

Today Soup's Julian Ryder takes a look at some pivotal moments in motorcyle and motorcycle race history: 1895: Invention of the motorcycle Gottlieb Daimler usually gets the credit for inventing the motorcycle, indeed the first proper motorcycle, the Daimler-Reitwagen, rolled out of his Canstatt...