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8 Estoril Circuit Portugal 2012 MotoGP
4 Motegi Japan 2011 MotoGP
41 Jerez Spain 2002 MotoGP
22 Sepang Circuit Malaysia 2003 MotoGP
12 Catalunya 2003 MotoGP
11 Motegi Pacific 2002 MotoGP
44 Brno Czech Republic 2002 MotoGP
6 Brno Czech Republic 2003 MotoGP
7 Valencia 2012 MotoGP
6 Valencia 2012 MotoGP
5 Valencia 2012 MotoGP
4 Valencia 2012 MotoGP
3 Valencia 2012 MotoGP
2 Valencia 2012 MotoGP
1 Valencia 2012 MotoGP
10 Valencia 2012 MotoGP
9 Valencia 2012 MotoGP
8 Valencia 2012 MotoGP
12 Valencia 2012 MotoGP
11 Valencia 2012 MotoGP
10 Phillip Island Australia 2012 MotoGP
9 Phillip Island Australia 2012 MotoGP
8 Phillip Island Australia 2012 MotoGP
7 Phillip Island Australia 2012 MotoGP

Pacesetter Espargaro: 'It's a great start and it's a good feeling'

Benefitting from the test visit to the Losail Circuit two weeks ago, Espargaro outpaced the Factory riders and the rest of the MotoGP™ field under the floodlights. Espargaro headed the timing screens at the beginning of the session, while using a harder tyre, riding in the higher region 1'55...

Published on March 22 2014, 13:08
Source: www.motogp.com

The Scrambler Ducati is a uniquely American bike, of Italian branding. It was that when first conceived in 1962, and it's that yet again, though the one you get might be manufactured in Italy, Thailand, or Brazil. Don't let that worry you; the same standards of build apply worldwide. Anyway,... 

It's that time of year when you start thinking of gifts for your motorcycle friends. If you're having trouble coming up with one in particular, allow us to suggest the Why We Ride DVD. For starters, it's a great motorcycle movie, one guaranteed to make you want to hop off the couch and go for a... 

The sign reads "Heavy Roadside Activity." That's the warning. Now what's your response? The Allstate Insurance website tells us that 46 percent of motorcycle crashes happen at intersections. Wait! Don't quit reading. This isn't a hand-wringing rehash of what we all know. I'm not going to preach... 

Looking for a new moto-hauler but don't like the idea of shelling-out $35-50 large? There's a great option out there as long as you're not hell-bent on having a brand-new vehicle. Ford has been selling the new-style Transit Van in Europe and other markets for a while now, but it only came to the... 

I rouse with a start early, abnormally early, every day. I'm a creature of habit, I take comfort in my pre-dawn routine. I warm up a cup of coffee and read the Washington Post while everyone else is still drooling on their pillow in the dark. Must be some sort of survival mechanism, I want to... 

Come meet the Dr. Evil of street riding: dirt. It's gritty, unpredictable, and, when mixed with water, it will turn your Electra Glide into a muddy mess. Worse, running wide on your favorite left-hander means you'll usually meet dirt at the worst possible moment: leaned over and going way too... 

Thanks to the good folks at Indianapolis Motor Speedway, Asphalt & Rubber recently got a chance to participate in a teleconference with an up-and-coming racer by the name of Marc Marquez. For those of you who haven't heard about this talented Honda rider, he just won a little Spanish racing...