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12 Assen Netherlands 2012 MotoGP
10 Silverstone Great Britain 2012 MotoGP
29 Misano Circuit San Marino 2011 MotoGP
23 Misano Circuit San Marino 2011 MotoGP
25 Indianapolis 2011 MotoGP
12 Mugello Italy 2011 MotoGP
35 Estoril Circuit Portugal 2011 MotoGP
30 Estoril Circuit Portugal 2011 MotoGP
8 Jerez Spain 2011 MotoGP
8 Phillip Island Australia 2010 MotoGP
15 Sepang Circuit Malaysia 2010 MotoGP
12 Misano Circuit San Marino 2010 MotoGP
26 Catalunya 2010 MotoGP
14 Mugello Italy 2010 MotoGP
9 Le Mans France 2010 MotoGP
36 Le Mans France 2010 MotoGP
10 Indianapolis 2010 MotoGP
1 Misano Circuit San Marino 2009 MotoGP
4 Misano Circuit San Marino 2009 MotoGP
18 Indianapolis 2009 MotoGP
22 Estoril Circuit Portugal 2007 MotoGP
36 Donington Park Great Britain 2007 MotoGP
29 Donington Park Great Britain 2007 MotoGP
26 Donington Park Great Britain 2007 MotoGP

A Hint at How Light Electric Motorcycles Can Be

The hybridization of motorcycles and bicycles is a big part of the story when it comes to future two-wheelers. These aren't concepts any more, manufacturing is going full tilt, and all sorts of electric two-wheelers are found on the streets of Europe. Pictured is the ELMOTO LOOP, a product of...

Published on July 28 2019, 13:15
Source: www.motorcycledaily.com

In 2006, Ted Dillard had his first experience with an electric motorcycle: the Killacycle, a battery-powered drag bike. It completely blew his mind, and from that moment on Dillard became obsessed with electric motorcycles and the technology behind them. Electric motorsports are rapidly... 

The Los Angeles Police Department has purchased the Zero MMX police/military motorcycle to add to the department's patrol fleet. Powered by the 100% electric Z-Force motor, the Zero MMX was developed to meet the specific requirements of military, law enforcement and security agencies. After... 

Motorcycles can be a great way to commute, transport smaller stuff from point A to B, or travel, sightsee and tour. Depending on how much you carry, however, added weight can affect wear and tear on the whole bike, including suspension, tires, drive train, and brakes. It can also affect how well... 

At AIMExpo, I walked over to the Zero Motorcycle pavilion in hope of learning more about electric motorcycles. There was Abe Askenazi, Zero's chief technology officer, whom I knew from his time as an engineer at the Buell Motorcycle Company. Askenazi told me that much of the range improvement... 

Electric motorcycles and thousands of runners who want to breathe fresh air during a marathon are a natural fit, making the announcement from Zero Motorcycles about their partnership with the Big Sur International Marathon great news. Begin Press Release: ZERO MOTORCYCLES ANNOUNCES PARTNERSHIP... 

In a world with increasingly stringent emission and noise standards, vehicle OEMs are continuously tasked with making their automobiles and motorcycles quieter. Such regulations have brought us some ridiculous creations in the motorcycle realm, especially for the Japanese and European market,... 

If you are in the market for an electric motorcycle (or any road-legal electric vehicle, for that matter), you have only a few more days to take advantage of the federal tax credit that comes with the purchase of these machines. For potential electric motorcycle buyers, that means the 10%...