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12 Assen Netherlands 2012 MotoGP
10 Silverstone Great Britain 2012 MotoGP
4 Motegi Japan 2011 MotoGP
29 Misano Circuit San Marino 2011 MotoGP
23 Misano Circuit San Marino 2011 MotoGP
12 Misano Circuit San Marino 2011 MotoGP
12 Mugello Italy 2011 MotoGP
35 Estoril Circuit Portugal 2011 MotoGP
30 Estoril Circuit Portugal 2011 MotoGP
8 Jerez Spain 2011 MotoGP
8 Phillip Island Australia 2010 MotoGP
15 Sepang Circuit Malaysia 2010 MotoGP
9 Misano Circuit San Marino 2010 MotoGP
26 Catalunya 2010 MotoGP
3 Assen Netherlands 2010 MotoGP
14 Mugello Italy 2010 MotoGP
9 Le Mans France 2010 MotoGP
36 Le Mans France 2010 MotoGP
10 Indianapolis 2010 MotoGP
1 Misano Circuit San Marino 2009 MotoGP
4 Misano Circuit San Marino 2009 MotoGP
18 Indianapolis 2009 MotoGP
12 Misano Circuit San Marino 2008 MotoGP
22 Estoril Circuit Portugal 2007 MotoGP

Yamaha MT-15 first ride report – light and fun city bike

Yamaha MT-15 first ride report – light and fun city bike

From the Dark side of Japan, the MT-15 is finally here. Yamaha has just launched this aggressive looking naked machine in India at a price of 1.36 lakh ex-showroom with two colour options. So, does this machine do justice to the price? Read on. The MT-15 globally is based on the R15 V3, so the...

Published on March 20 2019, 14:02
Source: www.iamabiker.com

Editor Score:87.50% Engine 19.0/20 Suspension/Handling 12.0/15 Transmission/Clutch 8.5/10 Brakes 8.0/10 Instruments/Controls 4.0/5 Ergonomics/Comfort 9.0/10 Appearance/Quality 8.0/10 Desirability 9.0/10 Value 10.0/10 Overall Score 87.5/100 A weird thing happened to me during the U.S. launch of... 

Editor Score:86.25% Engine 17.75/20 Suspension/Handling 12.0/15 Transmission/Clutch 9.0/10 Brakes 8.75/10 Instruments/Controls 3.75/5 Ergonomics/Comfort 8.75/10 Appearance/Quality 8.5/10 Desirability 8.75/10 Value 9.0/10 Overall Score 86.25/100 As the rain made its way between my mismatched... 

Our man Yossef is at it again. This time, he's testing the not-sent-to-America Honda CBF1000of 2007 vintage. In Europe, anyway, middleweight naked bikes were experiencing success. Bikes like the Yamaha FZ-6, Suzuki GSR600, and even Honda's own Hornet were popular items. So, it seemed like a... 

The Scrambler Ducati is a uniquely American bike, of Italian branding. It was that when first conceived in 1962, and it's that yet again, though the one you get might be manufactured in Italy, Thailand, or Brazil. Don't let that worry you; the same standards of build apply worldwide. Anyway,... 

Editor Score:84.00% Engine 17.5/20 Suspension/Handling 13.0/15 Transmission/Clutch 7.5/10 Brakes 7.5/10 Instruments/Controls 4.5/5 Ergonomics/Comfort 9.00/10 Appearance/Quality 8.5/10 Desirability 8.0/10 Value 8.5/10 Overall Score 84/100 When Aprilia invited Motorcycle.com to the press... 

Missing from Suzuki's lineup for three years, the DR-Z400SM returned for 2013. We're stoked to have it back, as it's the only street-legal, lightweight, small-displacement, 17-inch-wheeled supermoto still available in the US. It seems the light supermoto trend has largely played itself out, and... 

Editor Score:91.5% Engine 19.0/20 Suspension/Handling 14.0/15 Transmission/Clutch 9.0/10 Brakes 8.5/10 Instruments/Controls 4.5/5 Ergonomics/Comfort 9.0/10 Appearance/Quality 9.0/10 Desirability 9.0/10 Value 9.5/10 Overall Score 91.5/100 Whoever said, "you can buy fashion but you can't buy...