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4 Aragon 2011 MotoGP
25 Misano Circuit San Marino 2011 MotoGP
15 Sepang Circuit Malaysia 2010 MotoGP
11 Assen Netherlands 2010 MotoGP
5 Estoril Circuit Portugal 2009 MotoGP
6 Sachsenring Germany 2009 MotoGP
14 Jerez Spain 2009 MotoGP
17 Estoril Circuit Portugal 2007 MotoGP
24 Misano Circuit San Marino 2007 MotoGP
12 Laguna Seca United States 2007 MotoGP
4 Donington Park Great Britain 2007 MotoGP
25 Jerez Spain 2007 MotoGP
17 Estoril Circuit Portugal 2006 MotoGP
13 Sepang Circuit Malaysia 2006 MotoGP
2 Brno Czech Republic 2006 MotoGP
11 Laguna Seca United States 2006 MotoGP
28 Mugello Italy 2006 MotoGP
7 Valencia 2005 MotoGP
16 Le Mans France 2004 MotoGP
30 Jerez Spain 2004 MotoGP
31 Brno Czech Republic 2003 MotoGP
31 Mugello Italy 2003 MotoGP
37 Phakisa South Africa 2003 MotoGP
3 Sepang Circuit Malaysia 2002 MotoGP

The Fruits of Carmelo Ezpeleta's Grand Plan for MotoGP

The Fruits of Carmelo Ezpeleta's Grand Plan for MotoGP

Sometimes decisions are a long time in the making. Tech3's decision to leave Yamaha and sign with KTM may have been made in the space of a few months, but the genesis of that choice, the process that made it all possible is ten years in the making. If MotoGP hadn't switched from 990cc to 800cc...

Published on March 10 2018, 16:51
Source: www.asphaltandrubber.com

He is the Bernie Ecclestone of our sport. Driven by a passion for car and bike racing, Carmelo Ezpeleta, Dorna CEO, started his career as circuit founder and director in Spain. Thanks to his friendship with Bernie Ecclestone, Ezpeleta became key when, in 1990, the FIM decided to sell the MotoGP... 

One of the greatest fears which World Superbike fans expressed when it was announced last year that control of WSBK would fall under the responsibility of Dorna was that WSBK would either be killed off as a series, or absorbed into MotoGP as a glorified support class. The continued existence of... 

That MotoGP is too Iberocentric - too many Spanish races, and too many Spanish riders - is obvious to all who follow the sport, with the possible exception of a blinkered Spanish journalist or two. The series has to change, to move away from having four races a season in Spain, and to explore... 

Looking at the season ahead there are some big line-up changes in MotoGP. What do you make of the new faces coming in and the rider switches? In principal in 2013 we'll have changes, but not big changes. These changes will come in the 2014 season. This year the most important changes have been... 

Do Ezpeleta's Comments Put Indy In Doubt? "we can't kill anybody" by staff Thursday, May 16, 2013 MotoGP CEO Carmelo Ezpeleta gave Reuters an interview (published, ah, tomorrow) whereby he casts doubt on the future of the Indy Red Bull GP. Ezpeleta says that the push for MotoGP will be more... 

At its final meeting of 2013, the MotoGP Grand Prix Commission has agreed changes to the regulations for the three Grand Prix classes, mostly minor, but a couple with much wider implications. Changes were agreed to the penalty points system, to the procedure for restarting interrupted races, for... 

Laguna, Valencia Dancing On Razor's Edge This Weekend? by staff Thursday, August 29, 2013 Dorna boss Carmelo Ezpeleta will meet this weekend at Silverstone with a group from the proposed new MotoGP event in Brazil, with the fate of that event and possibly the existing World Championship races at...