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Is There a Lane Splitting Speed Limit

Is There a Lane Splitting Speed Limit

Lane-splitting, as the practice of riding a motorcycle between lanes of stopped or slow-moving vehicles is called, is technically legal in just one U.S. state. That means there is no speed limit for lane-splitting, as you can't do it legally at any speed! But in California, where it is legal,...

Published on October 18 2017, 21:19
Source: www.motorcycle.com

California motorcyclists may no longer be alone in this benefit. A previous version of the bill in the State of Oregon (SB. 694), for example, was rejected by the House in May of 2015. The AMA is prompting action, as indicated below. Begin AMA Action Center Release: Lane splitting bill... 

Lane-splitting/sharing, or filtering as it's often called, is a practice legally allowed across most of the globe. However, it's an illegal activity in 49 of 50 U.S. states and all of Canada. That sounds unfair to the MO crew in California, the only state in which lane-splitting is not illegal.... 

Dear MOby, So, I just read in my local paper, the Orange County Register, that you're legally within your rights if you're tooling along in the left lane of the freeway with traffic backing up behind you, as long as you're doing the speed limit. Which I think is mostly 65 mph around here. Is... 

Lane-Splitting. It's the practice of riding a motorcycle between rows of stopped or slow-moving traffic. You probably know that it's been legal in California for many years, but what you may not know is that it's explicitly or implicitly illegal in every other U.S. state. But what about Texas?... 

Oregon once again is trying to join the 21st century when it comes to pragmatic transportation laws, and as such State Senator Jeff Kruse (R-Roseburg) has re-introduced a lane-splitting law to the Oregon legislature, with the hopes that it will get voted on later this year. That might be a tall... 

Just last May, California seemed set to be the first state in the USA to codify a lane-splitting law. That effort seems to have stalled though, with Assembly Bill 51 being pulled by the bill's authors, after the California State Senate didn't seem to have the same support for the law that the... 

Motorcyclists in California have been enjoying the fruits of lane-splitting for decades now. For a long time, lane-splitting (or the more PC and less abrasive sounding, lane-sharing or filtering) was a gray area in California law because it was neither legal nor illegal, so it was permitted, or...