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22 Catalunya 2012 MotoGP
25 Misano Circuit San Marino 2011 MotoGP
15 Indianapolis 2010 MotoGP
3 Assen Netherlands 2010 MotoGP
14 Jerez Spain 2009 MotoGP
2 Phillip Island Australia 2007 MotoGP
12 Laguna Seca United States 2007 MotoGP
4 Donington Park Great Britain 2007 MotoGP
59 Jerez Spain 2007 MotoGP
25 Jerez Spain 2007 MotoGP
17 Estoril Circuit Portugal 2006 MotoGP
2 Estoril Circuit Portugal 2006 MotoGP
13 Sepang Circuit Malaysia 2006 MotoGP
2 Brno Czech Republic 2006 MotoGP
16 Sachsenring Germany 2006 MotoGP
16 Donington Park Great Britain 2006 MotoGP
7 Valencia 2005 MotoGP
10 Phillip Island Australia 2005 MotoGP
29 Brno Czech Republic 2005 MotoGP
3 Le Mans France 2005 MotoGP
16 Catalunya 2004 MotoGP
7 Mugello Italy 2004 MotoGP
34 Mugello Italy 2004 MotoGP
16 Le Mans France 2004 MotoGP

Hidden Potential - Yamaha TR1 Cafe Racer

Hidden Potential - Yamaha TR1 Cafe Racer

I'm often surprised by the motorcycles that become popular donors for custom builds. Take for example Honda's 'Plastic Maggot' CX500, BMW's 'Flying Brick' K100 or Yamaha's 'Vanilla' Virago. It seems that despite their rather average stock appearance and similarly average performance they've...

Published on March 21 2017, 16:24
Source: www.returnofthecaferacers.com

A lot has changed in motorcycle manufacturing since this CB750k rolled out of Honda's factory in '75. From their brakes to their electronics these poor old CBs are becoming rather archaic. As a result many of the Honda CB cafe racer builds we see here on the site feature retrofit modern parts.... 

After my recent purchase of a Yamaha TW200 I have rediscovered my love of "little" bikes. While I'm not about to permanently trade my W650 Cafe Racer for the tiny TW, I will certainly be taking it out for a fun braaap! around town as often as possible. By some uncanny coincidence, just as the... 

Down here in Australia it seems like Mother Nature's hell bent on killing us all off. Our surrounding oceans are filled with massive man eating sharks, our northern rivers infested with prehistoric crocodiles, our bushland home to a dozen species of deadly snakes (a dozen!!!) and in our very own... 

I love a good collaboration. When one brand recognises the benefits of joining forces with another amazing things can happen. In the custom motorcycle scene this has been proven with companies like Yamaha and their Yardbuilt series and BMW Motorrad with their Japanese workshop collaborations... 

Ten years after Honda turned the motorcycling world on its head with the release of the CB750, they decided it was time to stir things up once again. To do this they unveiled their first 6 cylinder motorcycle for the street, the Honda CBX1000. At the time of its release, the CBX was one of the... 

Tim Roberts, owner and operator of Roberts Performance Group is a design engineer by day, fabricator and self confessed tinkerer by night. Located in the Denver area he specialize in one-off design and fabrication of automotive and motorcycle components. "RPG was started in my garage after I... 

If there's one builder who perfectly blends race track styling into his road going motorcycles it's Pepo Rosell of XTR Pepo. However, to assume these street bikes are all show and no go would be a huge mistake. Pepo's work is backed by years of experience and his knowledge of motorcycles is...