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10 Silverstone Great Britain 2012 MotoGP
29 Misano Circuit San Marino 2011 MotoGP
26 Le Mans France 2011 MotoGP
15 Sepang Circuit Malaysia 2010 MotoGP
26 Catalunya 2010 MotoGP
15 Assen Netherlands 2010 MotoGP
14 Mugello Italy 2010 MotoGP
9 Le Mans France 2010 MotoGP
12 Misano Circuit San Marino 2008 MotoGP
3 Mugello Italy 2008 MotoGP
16 Estoril Circuit Portugal 2008 MotoGP
2 Jerez Spain 2008 MotoGP
29 Donington Park Great Britain 2007 MotoGP
26 Donington Park Great Britain 2007 MotoGP
57 Jerez Spain 2007 MotoGP
26 Laguna Seca United States 2006 MotoGP
38 Donington Park Great Britain 2006 MotoGP
22 Donington Park Great Britain 2006 MotoGP
32 Le Mans France 2006 MotoGP
7 Valencia 2005 MotoGP
10 Phillip Island Australia 2005 MotoGP
19 Sepang Circuit Malaysia 2005 MotoGP
32 Donington Park Great Britain 2005 MotoGP
17 Assen Netherlands 2005 MotoGP

Will VW Scandal Force Sale of Ducati

Will VW Scandal Force Sale of Ducati? by staff Wednesday, October 07, 2015 The final cost of Volkswagen's transgressions regarding the sale of vehicles worldwide that were engineered to deceive emissions tests isn't know, but after the fines and recalls are tallied the number will be in the...

Published on October 8 2015, 21:27
Source: www.superbikeplanet.com

Reuters is reporting that Volkswagen is considering the sale of Ducati, which is currently owned by Volkswagen subsidiary Audi. Audi acquired Ducati in 2012 for close to one billion dollars. The desire to sell Ducati, again according to the Reuters report, is "to help fund a strategic overhaul... 

Ducati 1299 Panigale R Final Edition Months of speculation regarding efforts by the VW Group to sell Ducati have apparently come to an end. According to business news reports, such as this one, opposition by labor groups within VW have succeeded in preventing the Ducati sale. One of the recent... 

Volkswagen's unions have a say in the matter, too. A large one. BERLIN, July 29 (Reuters) – Volkswagen's planned sale of motorcycle brand Ducati and transmissions maker Renk has currently no majority backing on the carmaker's supervisory board, with opponents to asset sales feeling invigorated... 

After much buzz and fanfare regarding the future of Volkswagen, which in-turn called into question the future of Ducati, today we finally get a glimpse into how VW is going to soldier forth from the fallout of its "Dieselgate" scandal. Instead of announcing how the company was going to... 

Ever since Reuters broke the news last month that , the rumor mill has been at full churn trying to figure out where the Italian company would end up. Volkswagen, of course, is on the hook for billions in penalties as a result of the Dieselgate scandal, and finding someone willing to fork over a...