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10 Silverstone Great Britain 2012 MotoGP
29 Misano Circuit San Marino 2011 MotoGP
26 Le Mans France 2011 MotoGP
15 Sepang Circuit Malaysia 2010 MotoGP
26 Catalunya 2010 MotoGP
15 Assen Netherlands 2010 MotoGP
14 Mugello Italy 2010 MotoGP
9 Le Mans France 2010 MotoGP
12 Misano Circuit San Marino 2008 MotoGP
3 Mugello Italy 2008 MotoGP
16 Estoril Circuit Portugal 2008 MotoGP
2 Jerez Spain 2008 MotoGP
29 Donington Park Great Britain 2007 MotoGP
26 Donington Park Great Britain 2007 MotoGP
57 Jerez Spain 2007 MotoGP
26 Laguna Seca United States 2006 MotoGP
38 Donington Park Great Britain 2006 MotoGP
22 Donington Park Great Britain 2006 MotoGP
32 Le Mans France 2006 MotoGP
7 Valencia 2005 MotoGP
10 Phillip Island Australia 2005 MotoGP
19 Sepang Circuit Malaysia 2005 MotoGP
32 Donington Park Great Britain 2005 MotoGP
17 Assen Netherlands 2005 MotoGP

Kawasaki W650 Racer by FCR

Kawasaki W650 Racer by FCR

Anyone that's been following this site since it's launch in 2006 knows it all started with the purchase of a Kawasaki W650. Since I bought my W it's been a love affair that constantly gets better with each new day of riding. As a base for customisation the W gives you classic looks (mine always...

Published on October 6 2015, 16:10
Source: www.returnofthecaferacers.com

Kawasaki introduced the classically-styled W650 back in 1999, which morphed into the W800 and eventually went out of production in 2016. The W650/W800 was ahead of its time, coming to market long before the retro-craze caught fire. Kawasaki is now back with the W800 CAFE here in the United... 

I'm happy to admit the reason I bought a Kawasaki W650 was because of Deus ex Machina. Back in '06 when I was searching for a donor bike Deus ex Machina had just come on the scene and some of their very first shop builds were based on W650's. I wanted a bike that was reliable and had classic... 

It seems strange now, but Kawasaki actually beat Triumph to the punch when it came to retro styled motorcycles. First released in 1999, the W650 was a complete anachronism in the world of water-cooled, high-revving street snarlers that dominated the late 90's motorcycle scene. So while the rest... 

From time to time, you see something that makes it hard to believe your eyes. They call it cognitive dissonance; a state where two conflicting images or ideas exist in the mind at the same time. It confounds you and makes it hard to compute exactly what it is that you're seeing. It's also a... 

From the moment that the Kawasaki Z1-inspired Z900RS was announced in October of last year, enthusiasts have been saying they wanted the model to go even further into the retro-racer styling. Just a month later, large portions of the rest of the world received the word that their dreams had been... 

Kawasaki's ZR7 passed through the motorcycling world quietly. It never attempted to be the fastest in its field and didn't earn a reputation for being particularly bad at anything. In fact, it was in every sense of the word, an 'ordinary' motorcycle. What the ZR7 did have going for it though was... 

When Yamaha built their first v-twin powered motorcycle I'm sure the last thing they expected anyone to do with it was to turn it into a cafe racer. The Virago was designed to appeal to the cruiser market and was undeniably influenced by Harley's iconic Sportster. It offered customers a...