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2 Misano Circuit San Marino 2012 MotoGP
21 Mugello Italy 2012 MotoGP
25 Catalunya 2012 MotoGP
23 Phillip Island Australia 2011 MotoGP
25 Indianapolis 2011 MotoGP
25 Brno Czech Republic 2011 MotoGP
26 Laguna Seca United States 2011 MotoGP
7 Assen Netherlands 2011 MotoGP
16 Indianapolis 2010 MotoGP
20 Estoril Circuit Portugal 2010 MotoGP
6 Catalunya 2010 MotoGP
15 Mugello Italy 2010 MotoGP
32 Jerez Spain 2010 MotoGP
11 Estoril Circuit Portugal 2009 MotoGP
24 Estoril Circuit Portugal 2009 MotoGP
2 Misano Circuit San Marino 2009 MotoGP
4 Donington Park Great Britain 2009 MotoGP
3 Le Mans France 2009 MotoGP
5 Brno Czech Republic 2008 MotoGP
2 Brno Czech Republic 2008 MotoGP
10 Brno Czech Republic 2008 MotoGP
3 Mugello Italy 2008 MotoGP
3 Estoril Circuit Portugal 2008 MotoGP
24 Misano Circuit San Marino 2007 MotoGP

Dainese Just Made Your Motorcycle Jacket Obsolete

Dainese Just Made Your Motorcycle Jacket Obsolete

For reasons too obvious to mention, motorcycle gear protection has been on my mind lately. Though my broken collarbone is unfortunate, it is timely, as Dainese just released its D-Air Misano 1000 jacket, the world's first commercially available self-contained airbag jacket for motorcyclists....

Published on September 17 2015, 21:55
Source: www.asphaltandrubber.com

Dainese Long Range D-WP C2 Boots Review by Brandon Jackson for webBikeWorld.com Summary A high-quality pair of street/touring boots that are a good value even at its price point. Definitely worth a look for the serious touring or sport/touring rider. Introduction Motorcycle boots have a hard... 

Dainese Teren D-Dry Jacket Review by Bill C. and Rick K. for webBikeWorld.com Summary In a world where there is very little differentiation in 3/4-length motorcycle jackets, the Dainese Teren is a standout. This adventure-touring flavored design feels as rugged as they come and it includes a... 

The Perfect All-Season 3/4-Length Adventure Touring Jacket? by Bill C. and Rick K. for webBikeWorld.com Summary Just when you thought that every possible iteration of the classic 3/4-length motorcycle jacket had been done, along comes the Dainese D-Explorer. This may just well be the "perfect"... 

Dainese Teren D-Dry Pants Review by Bill C. and Rick K. for webBikeWorld.com Summary As you might expect, the Dainese Teren pants are the perfect match for the Dainese Teren jacket (review). But the Teren pants would also make an excellent choice for all-weather wearing with other types and... 

Editor's Note: This story is from Cycle World Travel & Adventure, a special print issue chock-full of features dedicated to two-wheeled touring and adventure travel. Copies are available for purchase here. When you see that loathsome "Ice!" warning light blinking on your motorcycle's dash, it's... 

Dainese "Veleta" Gore-Tex X-TRAFIT Waterproof Gloves by Rick K. with Bill C. for webBikeWorld.com Summary The Dainese Veleta gloves are an interesting new design for 2014. The design is a successful mashup of features cribbed from motocross, adventure-touring and street touring gloves. The... 

Motorcycle gear has several important functions. While maybe not the primary purpose of dedicated riding gear, our chosen wardrobe tells the world that we are motorcyclists. Yes, there is a large fashion component to our apparel, one that announces what tribe we claim. From canyon carvers to...