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Give A Shift Motorcyclist Group Update Robert Pandya Founder: PS – eliminate the term "lane splitting" and substitute lane SHARING... your kindergarten teacher taught you sharing was good. Words matter.   

Is Lane-Splitting Finally Coming to Arizona Arizona is not the only state to propose the legalization of lane-splitting, as it joins Washington (SB 5378) and Oregon (SB 385) in the fight to allow the practice, but so far    

Church of MO: 1998 Sport Tourers In jurisdictions that allow lane splitting, maneuvering through traffic is easy. Its narrow and low-placed mirrors aren't at the same height as most   

Map App Waze Adds Better Motorcycle Support For our lane-splitting readers too, this means Waze will be able distinguish between between riders who are splitting through traffic, and cars who are stuck in the four-wheeled gridlock   

2017 Kawasaki Z900 Long-Term Review While it doesn't have the narrowest of handlebars, lane-splitting is still done effortlessly thanks to the nimble handling characteristics of the bike. The width of the handlebar does come    

Is There a Lane Splitting Speed Limit under 30 or 40 mph and don't attract too much attention, you'll likely never be pulled over for lane-splitting. Ride too fast, change lanes too much, or just behave like a jackass in general and you'll risk attracting    

Five Important Lane Splitting Statistics In my experience, lane-splitting typically cuts your commute time in half if most of it is through a badly congested area. That's 21    

Is Lane Splitting in Texas Legal Some confusion surrounding lane-splitting still exists in Texas. In December 2016, State Senator Kirk Watson (D) introduced Senate Bill 288, which would have allowed   

Is There A Law Against Holding Up Traffic In The Left LaneWorld Report, "Cracking Down on Drivers Holding Up the Left Lane", so maybe there is light at the end of the tunnel. For now, be happy you have a motorcycle and live in the only state where lane splitting is legal. Eternal vigilance is the cost of freedom.   

2018 Suzuki GSX-S750 Review Lane-splitting home through L.A. traffic after a day in the mountains, it really was nice to note that the little