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What Everyone Missed About Ford's Lane-Splitting Patent smart move by Ford, as autonomous vehicles can't truly be autonomous if it lacks the ability to detect motorcycles lane-splitting next to them. In the United States, this issue is real, but less of a concern, as it will only    

Ford is Developing a Lane-Splitting Detection System a separate application filed in 2016, Delphi Technologies' patent would autonomously move cars over slightly in their lanes to give lane-splitting motorcycles more room. As with all patent applications, we can't predict if the ideas will ever wind up in   

2018 Zero DSR First Ride Review Loud pipes save lives! While the verdict may be out on that one, I did notice while lane-splitting, the last second swerving away from me happened less frequently than when I would come up beside cars on an    

Church of MO: 1998 BMW R1100R The wide, protruding flat twin cylinders can make lane-splitting difficult in a state where it is legal. The 1998 R1100R lists for $9990; $11,495 with ABS. A MO    

The Inevitable Triumph of Awesome else can you describe the feeling of an all-day ride in the mountains, dragging your knee at Barber, or lane-splitting your way to work past thousands of frustrated suckers in their econoboxes? It's not hyperbolic to say motorcycles are    

Give A Shift Motorcyclist Group Update Robert Pandya Founder: PS – eliminate the term "lane splitting" and substitute lane SHARING... your kindergarten teacher taught you sharing was good. Words matter.   

Is Lane-Splitting Finally Coming to Arizona Arizona is not the only state to propose the legalization of lane-splitting, as it joins Washington (SB 5378) and Oregon (SB 385) in the fight to allow the practice, but so far    

Church of MO: 1998 Sport Tourers In jurisdictions that allow lane splitting, maneuvering through traffic is easy. Its narrow and low-placed mirrors aren't at the same height as most   

Map App Waze Adds Better Motorcycle Support For our lane-splitting readers too, this means Waze will be able distinguish between between riders who are splitting through traffic, and cars who are stuck in the four-wheeled gridlock   

2017 Kawasaki Z900 Long-Term Review While it doesn't have the narrowest of handlebars, lane-splitting is still done effortlessly thanks to the nimble handling characteristics of the bike. The width of the handlebar does come